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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 3

I struggled.  It's only day 3 and I struggled.  But such is life.  And it's okay, I'm standing on God's promises and I'll continue to fight the good fight of faith.  That's really all I can do. 

I did get some great referral information from a friend today.  (Thanks, D!) That was definitely a blessing.  And I got to catch up with some folks from my past. That too, is always a blessing.

On one of his audio sermons, Jentezen Franklin talks about how we often struggle most when we're about to birth a blessing.  So although I struggled today, I kept fighting the urge to murmur and complain.  I continued to submit to God, trusting that my blessing "indeed" is right around the corner.


  1. Hey you two, I LOVE what ya'll are doing with your blog. Trying to figure out how to get this sent to my phone instantly cause i wanna keep up. What you are saying is real talk and I love your devotion and outspoken feelings about GOD.

    Marcus I havent met you YET but I can already tell that I am proud to know you. Patti, keep doing your thing.

    As for the finances on the previous page, GOD will provide. We started our journey on finances at the end of last year and are finishing the first year of our TMMO. We've had some tough choices to make along the way but never gone hungry. God has provided and he will provide.

  2. Thanks, frat. I sooooo needed to hear that. God bless!